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Level Skatepark: Sub-culture and Sub-society

In this project,” Level Skatepark: Sub-Society and Sub-culture” my aim is to present the Level: Skatepark as a space for a Sub-Society/Sub-Culture, created by the people over a common interest of freestyle skating, cycling, skateboarding and scootering, and to also exhibit a part of the contemporary freestyle culture(Fashion, Environment and People) in Brighton, therefore representing, how all the people with different cultures and with different freestyling interests, interact with each other and co-exist in the confined space of the Level Skatepark. I see the skatepark as place where people gather to be themselves, without the fear of being judged, a place where you are free to blend in with the environment of the park. It’s a world away from the fast-moving competitive world, where you are allowed to be at your own pace. The freestylers in this skatepark can be considered as an example on how the people should ideally co-operate and co-exist. The Project exhibits both the togetherness and co-operation in the skatepark and also the individuality of the freestylers.

Portraits :

Landscape of the Skatepark:

The Interactions :

Photo Collages : 

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